Saturday, October 16, 2010

Basic of Ballet Techniques

5 ballet position:

First position - feet well rotated in 'turn-out', touching heels. Make as straight an alignment as possible. Knees are touching with legs straight.

Second position - feet turned out along a straight line like first position, but heels are apart.

Third position - feet are aligned to turn-out, but with one foot to the front with heel close to the arch of the back foot.

Fourth position - feet turned out as in first position, with heel of one
foot is placed close to the toe of other foot, so that the legs are crossed. Feet about a foot apart to the front.

Fifth position - as fourth, with feet together

How to do a great Jazz Pirouette:

A 'pirouette' is a controlled turn on one leg, beginning with one (or both) legs in pli�, and then rising onto pointe (or demi-pointe for men). The other leg can be held in either retir� position, attitude, arabesque level or in second position.

Often a pirouette will return to starting position, or finish in arabesque or attitude positions, or proceed otherwise.

DID YOU KNOW? The record for most pirouttes done at one time is 36 rotations!

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